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Rootsweb Database Search Engines

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Rootsweb  has one of the largest collections of free genealogy databases. online

Rootsweb/ Message Boards
search the world's largest online genealogy community with more than 17 million posts on over 161,000 message boards

Rootsweb Civil War Rosters
this database contains more than 32,000 records with over 10,500 distinct surnames

Rootsweb Metasearch
simultaneously search over 40 Rootsweb databases, including Rootsweb Surname List, Social Security Death Index, land records, newspaper indexes, passenger lists..

Rootsweb US Marriage Records Database
this marriage records database contains over 618,000 records with more than 97,000 distinct surnames

Rootsweb US Death Records Database
this death records database contains over 583,000 records with more than 72,000 distinct surnames